Saturday, June 29, 2013

Games for Android on This Week - Android games you already know this long, this week has just updated his ability. is a new game from Game or Game updates that have been released first. This can be your playmate.

Arma Tactics THD
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Android game this one is the integration of the successful PC game. Game developers some time studio is making its mobile version. Being one of the best Android Games warfare strategy. Fun again we can mengkomando our 4 other friends. The unfortunate thing is this game can only support Android devices with Tegra Chip 3 or 4.

Fast & Forious 6 : The Game
Android Game which is a much-awaited appearance - Gamers awaited by fans of the movie Fast and Furious has release this month. Being one of the levers of the movie Fast and Furious itself in the market. Android version of this game is very worth for the try with quality graphics and a variety of new features that have not been in a similar punyai Android Game by game's artificial Kabam

Enemy Lines
Game Android describing the world that has become a battleground super big, so you yourself must become a warrior to fight the enemy forces. For graphics and quality is one of the best games in the Android strategy game category.

Turbo Racing League

Android game that became one of the most exciting games this week. Android game with the concept of speed and agility contest. This Android game is a game that rewards the super big (game version), if you can win the league this race then it will reward you get.

Android games you already know this long, this week has just updated his ability. How to play is still the same with a fresh and pleasant appearance certainly Android TETRIS Game Blitz can be your friend relax.