Thursday, October 18, 2012

Type aka bulb bulb that is often used also must know some n. Starting the turn signal was yes. This bulb, usually called the T10. "Power is held approximately 5 watts. But, in addition to T10, there is also T5, "

T5, watt smaller. Because of its use for commonly used in
dicator lights. For example, the indicator lights on the speedometer.

Switch to the rear lights. For brake lights, shaped not unlike a conventional incandescent lamp. Commonly referred to as the S25 or 1156. "The term other two legs. Because the lamp has two functions, "added Wira.

Foot two bulb serves as a brake light and a small lamp. Thus, it has two power lights. That is, 21/8, 21 watt and 8 watt brake light small lamps. But, there is also a 25/6.

Continue to the next light. There are actually different types of commonly applied. Depending on the type of motor. For example, moped or sport.

  Starting from the type H6. Oval shaped rice cake variety. Of this type has two power, because it can serve as a near-distant lights as well. Power owned 18/8 watt, 25/25 or 35/35. But, there is also a single, for example, only 35 watts.

But, made ​​in motor sport, usually H4 or H7 type application. Oval shaped with a pointed tip. Interestingly, this type of light also has two types of power. There is a combination of light far and there is also a single. "If at the Kawasaki Ninja 250, the single," beber Wira again.

Oh yes! There are exciting developments in the headlamp bulb. Not only are halogen gas serves as a filler gas bulb. "There is also an inert gas. Gas is not like a halogen. More stable, "

Inert gases also make the bulb is not easily broken even got touch hands. "Durability is stronger," said Arief as he says the products have been applied in gas

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