Thursday, October 4, 2012

Types of Circuit Protection

Safety circuit comprises a fuse (fuse), fusible link and circuit breaker mounted on electrical circuits and electrical systems to protect cables and connectors of the fire because of excessive current flows.

a. Fuse (fuse)

Fuse is placed in the center of the electrical circuit. If passed by the excessive current it will burn and break up so that fires can be avoided. Fuse there are 2 types, namely: cartridge (tube) and blade (fan). Type of blade often widely used because it is more compact with a metal element and the shield is translucent, and the color of the fuse is an indication capacity fuse (5A-30A)

Identification of Capacity Color

5 A Yellowish Brown

7.5 A Brown

10 A Red

15 A Bl\

20 A Yellow

25 A Not Color

30 A Green

b.fusible link

Function and construction together with a fuse, only the main differences can be used for larger currents because it was bigger and had a thicker elements. Similarly, fuse, fusible link also consists of cartridge type and link (s).

color identification

30 A 0.3 Pink

40 A 0.5 Green

50 A 0.85 Red

60 A 1.0 Yellow

80 A 1.25 Black

100 A 2.0 Blue

c.Circuit breaker

Used instead of a fuse to protect the power delivery of the difficulty in the circuit, such as power windows, sunroof, door locks, heater (heater) and similar components.

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